resolution for 2010

i've never really been big on resolutions. back in high school, i tried it and failed it a lot. apparently, there is an explanation for it (thanks to rowie for this link). knowing it's pretty futile, i've given up making one and just started the year with the hope that things will be better than the last.

this 2010, i decided to make one: for every juvenile fiction/children's book i buy, i also purchase either one filipino literature book and/or an educational book.

i am so much into juvenile fiction that i actually hardly read books outside the genre. this was one of the things i revealed to my supervisor/convenor during our last lunch together. and she said, i have to change that habit. haha. i'm not one to change skins quickly, nor do i want to let go of something i dearly enjoy but i do believe that i should expand my horizons more. studying in the ISS made me realize that real world issues are as exciting as fantasy, that informational stuff can be great literature.

at the same time, last year's fiasco about carlo j. caparas being nominated as national artist got me really riled up. yet, he did have a point when he said that how many people have really read the works of rio alma or f. sionil jose? i, unfortunately, am not one of them. while he has been allowed to receive the award, i thought it important to continue to advocate against him by reading the works of those who oppose him. that will be statement. and that will be my support for the local arts. i want to have legitimacy to promote arts and culture which represent the genius of our country and not the capitalist side of it.

so while the article above somewhow says that resolutions are physiologically hard to keep, i'd like to challenge myself this year. reading is always fun. purchasing local books not only contributes to the local economy but will encourage more and more filipino writers to blossom in their craft. and reading more mature books can help me have confidence dealing with people my age and older.