in compliance to my new year's resolution...

when i returned from studies, the first book i bought was artemis fowl: time paradox by eoin colfer since i collected the series. bad idea. my bro gave me the same title for a christmas gift. oh well.

then a few days ago, i bought the first book of the percy jackson series. i'm curious about the book especially after learning that instead of witches and vampires, this juvie fiction deals with the greek gods. ahhh... a mythology close to my heart. how can i resist!

but then, i did make that resolution that for every juvie fiction i buy, i should get one that is either adult (which meant non-fiction, i forgot to say) or filipino literature (comics don't count though because i will buy and read them anyway).

so to fulfill my new year's resolution, i bought...

i actually saw this last summer and found it quite interesting. being a sucker for philippine pop culture, i wanted to have a copy. i didn't get it because i had to buy another book which i thought i needed for my research paper.

i still find it a little expensive given my current unemployment, but i figured... might as well get it. it's a chance to see how discourse was applied on popular culture, given that my research topic is somewhat related to it. not to mention that i am a fan of zsa zsa zaturnnah and darna (the pre-angel locsin one). everything else in between will definitely tickle my jologs fancy. so i'm actually excited to read this one. not to mention that i had soledad reyes for a teacher and found her to be a brilliant woman. :)

the other book i bought was edgardo reyes' maynila sa kuko ng liwanag (two reyeses in a day. i impress myself. heehee!). jan mentioned the other day that he wrote somewhat like hemingway. having read only a couple, i'm not sure what that means. haha. but i bought the book anyway because jan said he was impressed by e. reyes' writing style. i think the filipino used is quite deep and the story is quite depressing, but i will force myself through it.

i don't know when i can start though... i borrowed a couple of HP books thinking i won't be buying any new books, but i can never resist a national bookstore when i am in the mall.

sigh. addictions, addictions!