i don't remember when the last time i saw my jvp partner, Q. my memories dictate my birthday in 2003 but i'm not entirely certain. though i am sure we ate corned beef sinigang in sentro-greenbelt 3.

when i found out that he would be going home for the holidays, i hoped that we would have the chance to meet. but knowing how busy and popular he is, i was open to the possibilities of just a phone conversation. luckily, he sent me a message if i had some time to meet up with him in greenbelt. but of course i did!

it was great seeing him again. he looked as cute and scruffy as ever. but then i'm as cute and scruffy as ever too. we both gained weight. we both hit our thirties. thinga change. things stay the same. i was just so glad to find out that we still adore each other. and that we both as cheap as we were 11 years ago. ;p we just had a tour of greenbelt 5, amused at how posh the place is in a third world country. i can finally discuss with him the people of the world because i've finally had my chance to observe.

our time together was too little to really get in depth with how we are, but we were able to do that. but more than that, i was just glad to finally see him after a long time and to know that we still share that special friendship we've always had. and yes, we still both miss our dear mindoro terribly.