super amigos

It's actually study recess at the ISS right now. This means we are given a week to study for the upcoming exams. I'm quite glad the Pinoy Mafia decided to take a trip to Prague after the exams and not before because my reading backlog is horrendous. All these partying and making friends are really getting in the way of studying. Oh wait. Studying is getting in the way of studying and making friends.

Anyways, today was dedicated to finishing my Global Politics paper. Thankfully, I have submitted it already. I just want to be rid of it so I can move on to other things. I also received good news that my Economics group was able to get a 95% on our exam. Yey! We could have gotten 20 if we really thought out the last question more. But I can not be more than happy with the results given we only had two meetings on it.

After I was done with my paper, I decided to watch a documentary showing at the ISS. It would have take a precious two hours of study time, but it seemed to have an interesting premise.

Super Amigos is a documentary on five masked men. From the left to right of the picture is Ecologista, Super Animal, Super Barrio and Super Gay. Fray Tormente is missing from the picture. Each one have their own advocies. Two of them were actual wrestlers.

Ecologista advocates for the environment. It showed him walking 500 miles for eight days, using a basket for his purchases leaving the plastic behind at the super market, giving yellow cards to those buying natural christmas tree and making a christmas tree out of junk.

Super Animal and his sidekick Super Animalito fighting against bullfighting. They have had protests during the bullfighting season, attempts to meet with city councilors to remove bullfighting. I think he is still in quest to reach 50,000 signatures from Mexican voters. So if you know anyone from Mexico, tell him or her to sign!

Super Barrio helps people who are being evicted from their homes. He has helped people get together to stand up for their rights to shelter. What he said during his interview was quite moving and beautiful. I can't repeat it now, but I can't help but be moved and feel good about fighting for justice.

Super Gay is obviously one who fights for gay rights. In the movie, the culmination of his cause was the participation of more than 100,000 people in Gay Rights Parage. Love his pink spandex. His interview with a mother was also quite moving, though disturbing. Such violent forms of homophobia should be stopped.

Fray Tormente is actually a priest in mask. He is a real wrestler, who from his earnings from fights, was able to put up a shelter for boys. There he also teaches them wrestling. I find it a refreshing way to approach the priestly ministry. If only more priests can be that interesting and progressive. I do wonder how his Bishop is approaching his way of preaching.

I don't know if this movie can be downloaded or viewed online. Though if you have the budget, I saw buy it and support documentary makers and independent film producers. But I do recommend this movie to everybody.

The treatment was quite creative as it was presented in a comic book manner. There was a lot of animation and the music jived well with their characters and the presentation. I agree with Risa when she said she like the way how their characters were developed. Bits of their lives and histories were shown in the movie too. When they had their epiphanies to be fighters for the rights of others.

This is one movie I would like to show to the Filipino youth. It would be something that may get them interested in social justice.

So yun. Here ends my break for study. If you can find it, watch it!