my new baby

Name: Manolito Compaquiao
Nickname: Manny, Compaquiao, Paqman
Birthdate: August 14, 2008
Birthplace: PC Live, SM Megamall
Sibling: 1GB ipod shuffle still to be claimed from its delivery room in HP Makati.

My favorite things about Compaquiao:
160 GB disk space
good quality webcam and speakers


fortuitous faery said...

compaq is a good brand...what's the processor?

impressive name, by the way. :P

anj said...

intel core 2 duo siya.

i'm relieved to hear that. hehe! that it is a good brand, i mean.

my husband was actually the one who gave the name. i just embellished it a bit. he has an hp, so his laptop is jennifer love hewlett-packard. :D

rowie said...

If you don't have any yet, you might want to buy some headphones also para walang feedback pag nag-Skype ka.

Ay teka, the iPod Shuffle comes with headphones ... heheh!

Hanapin mo ako sa Skype. :)

anj said...

kunin ko skype mo when we see each other. jan will give me his headset i think. hehe.

still don't have the shuffle. :(

Toni said...

ang kulet ng pangalan!!! :D