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Back when I was new in Assisi, I thought it was the end of my dream of traveling to Europe given my social development worker salary. Yet it was something I was willing to let go at that time, because I felt and somehow knew that I have been led to Assisi by something greater than me. Choosing Assisi meant letting go of many things I thought I wanted to do. One of those dreams was traveling to Europe. I really thought that would take a backseat until I was old and gray. I even wrote an entry about it back then. Check out the second entry.

What do you know? It was actually working for Assisi that made this dream into a reality. :)

Like Tatit, I have been accepted to a scholarship to the Netherlands. Same scholarship, different school and program and city.

Dreams do come true.

God has continuously shown and given me his generosity.


You can just imagine the jumping about that happened in our office as the letter was being read to me by Jan (this story deserves an entry in itself)!

If a thesis is what it takes to get to Europe, then by Jove, I will do it!

And so the question I have been asked constantly... “paano si Jan?”

First of all, Jan has been supportive from the very start. It wasn’t like the scholarship just happened after the wedding. The interest arose when a former officemate sent me the website to a school. This was early 2007. I sent my application early November which was before the proposal. I got my acceptance letter December. I applied for my scholarship March. The whole time, Jan was fully aware of my plans. And the whole time he has been very encouraging.

So paano nga si Jan? We’re working on how he can follow as soon as possible. His target is November. Here’s the thing – naunahan pa niya ako makabili ng winter jacket! I still don’t have one, while the one he got for P200 is now in the laundry. Funny lang. ;p

There are mixed feelings as the day of my departure draws near. Of course, I am excited. Whenever I pause and think... I’m going to Europe, I get goosebumps. One of the other things I’ve always wanted to do was live in another country for two years. 15.5 months is good enough for me. Wow talaga. But most days, I feel a little sad. I am cutting short what should be my honeymoon period with my husband. I am just thankful that he’s been so supportive. He wants this for me as much as I want this for myself. Besides, we’ll see each other very seeon. He promises! I’ve also been praying so hard for my mom, my siblings and my pamangkins. I’ve been away from them so many times, but it’s different this time. Buti na lang at may internet na ngayon!

I can actually feel my life changing. Literally.

I’ve got Tatit and Maita to thank for this. Tatit for letting me know such a thing is possible and to Maita sa pangungulit na ituloy ko ito.


Em Dy said...

Congratulations! God really works in mysterious ways.

rowie said...

Whee! :)

Foomeister said...

Congrats, anj! What a great opportunity. Just shine, bebeh, shine. (btw, left a comment here earlier this week but it didn't stick, so trying a second time just so you know I've taken note of your brand new life-to-be).