thank God it was the 90's

there was a slideshow presentation of pictures from college. and the first thing i noticed was the 90's fashion of loose shirts (usually giordano) or the striped polo ones, birkenstocks or mojos, one-length hairdo of any length for the girls. and seeing that made me realize one important thing: "Thank God, we weren't college in the 80's!"

hehe! i love many things about the 80's. the music, the movies, the actors... classic, mehn. but it would be such horror to see my college photo flashed 10-20 years after with big hair, shoulder pads, neon outfits... argh!

at least the 90's... while it looks totally different ten years after, it's not that embarassing. hehe! it's a walk down memory lane to see ourselves in overalls, headbands, plaid shirts and what-have-yous. even the mom jeans, i can take. complete with belt. and matching the socks with the color of the shirt. so roselle nava! but at least, at least we didn't make mountains of our hair. at least not as much as the previous decade. hehe! nor were any sign of ruffles present, except in girl's high school uniforms. that is always a relief!

wala lang. i am a 90's girl, that's all i can say. sigh! those were the days. ;p