I am taking a much needed break right now. While there are some thoughts about work and about the wedding still going on in my mind, it’s just nice to be away even just for a short time.

It’s a funny kind of break though, with my first afternoon in Tagaytay spent in SM Dasmarinas. Hehe! But it was just nice hanging out with Fr. Mimo and a bunch of other people. In the span of five hours, our conversations ranged from the serious to the inane. And it’s just so wonderfully silly watching a 41 year old priest making funny faces and walking like a two-year old drunk.

The SASMA (St. Augustine Major Seminary) has been a place of reclusion, rest, retreat and/or relaxation for many people who came from or lived in Mindoro and have had close friendships with the priests there. Another friend is here reviewing for her bar exams. My JVP partner frequents the place as well. It is our home away from home. A place to go when lost or looking.

Even if I have not caught up with sleep yet, I already feel refreshed and relieved of my worries. I get a semblance of the peace and contentment I felt back when I was a 20-year old Jesuit Volunteer in Calapan.

Tomorrow, I intend to have a somewhat lazy day. To finish the juvenile book I am reading. To spend some time at the Chapel and just stare at Jesus and coax a conversation from him. To take pictures with Dixie. Most of all, I intend not to worry. :)