admu batch '98 reunion

thanks to toni for this photo. the photo above is my college barkada, sans karen (had to go home to pampanga), bok (at work in iloilo or was it marawi?), chiqui (in new york) and ordo (eh... dc ba?).
arriving from davao, straight from the airport, jan and i went straight to Magis: The Gathering at Mag:Net Bonificio High Street. for what? my 10th year college reunion! Gosh. It has been ten years since we have graduated from college. Imagine. :)

i was glad i came. it had a high turn-out, with a little over 100 people who came. and there were a lot of people i knew who were there, too. from the com block were lizanne and tony pet, college sweethearts and married for quite some time already.

most of the girls were able to look as young as they did back in college, and are actually more beautiful and radiant now. the boys had a more noticable change... dag-dag bawas... dagdag tiyan, bawas buhok. ;P

i'm awfully proud of organizers for achieving such a high turn-out. though i didn't get to catch up with a lot of people (though i did get to have a short chat with one of my favorite classmates, allan jay andrew ong tan now lawyer... he's as adorable now as he was in college. hehe!), it was just wonderful seeing how people have both changed and stayed the same after all these years.

on a sad note, after ten years, three have already passed away. while their pictures flashed, i had a moment of silence and prayed for their peace.

on a happier note... everybody seemed to have a great time. parang wala masyadong panahon na nagdaan.

hopefully, more people turn out in the grand reunion sa december 6. masaya yun!


Ganns said...

It was a great night, wasn't it?

You looked absolutely wonderful. Jan does you good.

Toni said...

Mabuhay ang LHC! Mabuhay ang Batch '98! :) Sana sa 20th year eh ganito pa rin itsura natin, hahaha!