a yan-yan childhood memory

Last Sunday, I was at the grocery to buy some toiletries. I decided to buy snacks in case I go hungry in between meals. While scouring the aisle, I was tempted by Frito Lay products and chocolate spreads. Whether by willpower or my lack of disposable income, I passed them by.

I did succumb to two Chocolate Yan-Yans since I have been wanting some for a weeks already, but SM Supermarket rarely has stocks. They always have vanilla and strawberry dips, but not chocolate.

I have this childhood memory of Yan-Yan when I was around ten years old. Back then, imported chocolates are reserved for special occasions, even if it is only from Japan. Our staple supply would be packages of Serg's (Ikaw Pa rin) or Goya (Fun Factory) chocolates wrapped in foil either as bricks, eggs or balls.

Anyway... that childhood memory... I was given a Yan-Yan by my mom. I think we just came from Dau where PX goods were much cheaper compared to those sold at Johnny's Supermarket (the famous grocery chain in Pampanga that time) so my mom bought one for me when I asked if I could get one. Imagine how much I wanted to make the most of it as it was a rare moment for me.

We were then in the car, but my mom went somewhere to talk with someone for a while. I was left in the car with my chocolate yan-yan. I was dipping the sticks so gingerly into the chocolate dip, making sure that it was coated but not to thickly. Then I would suck at the chocolate and then bite the biscuit . It was pure childish joy to have the gooey sweetness of chocolate coat my mouth. The bustling city of Angeles did not matter to me. I was a child with her chocolate so nothing else mattered.

Eventually, the biscuits were wiped out but there was still some chocolate left, which was how I planned it. That chocolate was meant for something more tasty. And what else could that be but my own finger. Hehe! I stuck my finger into the dip and wiped the chocolate clinging to the sides container. I'd then put my finger into my mouth and suck at the chocolate. Yummm! The process was repeated several times, checking for every last trace at the container. No square millimeter was spared from my childish greed.

Afterwards, I remember my mom calling me over. I think she wanted to introduce me to whoever she was talking to. I had to abandon the Yan-Yan container at the car as I went over to my mom. There was actually no more identifiable chocolate left, but I meant to come back to the Yan-Yan after my courtesy call.

When I returned to the car and checked on my Yan-Yan, something was enjoying my spoils! A roach! With it's icky antennae feeling at the walls of the container. Eeeeeuuuuwwww!

What else could I do but surrender to that gross little creature. I don't think my mom noticed the roach, but I sure did. My feet were up on the seat of the car as we made our way home. My joy doused by a disgustingly unclean creature. In my mind, I was cursing the little roach but didn't know any vile-four letter words yet.

But a child moves on fast. When we got home, I let the yaya get rid of the spoiled Yan-Yan container. I ran to the fridge and opened a pack of Goya Chocolate Footballs. As I let the Goya melt in my mouth, Yan-Yan was just a vague memory by then.