AI does ALW

Tonight, American Idol did Andrew Lloyd Webber. While Ryan Seacrest was saying that during his spiel, I couldn't help but be excited. While I'm not a die-hard Broadway fun, I enjoy musicals a lot. It takes artistry and genius to have songs tell such intricate stories. Something that Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber was able to do with his all-time classics like "The Phantom of the Opera," "Cats" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" among some.

I was also excited because it would definitely drive the remaining Top 6 contestants out of their comfort zones. I was curious how David Cook would perform as he is known for his edgy rocker performances, or what Jason Castro's song choice would be.

The night was absolutely interesting, I would say. Syesha Mercado finally found her comfort zone. She did wonderfully and was quite confident with herself. Something she has not been able in the past. And tonight, I actually liked Carly Smithson. Again, it's that sense of comfort and control over a song. She had that tonight. Brooke would have done a good performance if she didn't bum the first try. Unfortunately, that made her sound nervous with her full show.

As for the boys... I agree with Simon's critiques. Jason may have put himself in danger tonight choosing such a powerful song. "Memories" might have been too big for his relaxed kind of music and personality. He sounded nervous and Simon articulated what I was thinking during his piece. That that may just have been the longest minutes of his life. David Archuleta did sing pleasantly, as he usually can. I sometimes feel, though, that this David just really has a good voice. While he usually sings heartfelt, his heart may not have felt much yet. I'm not sure if I can be understood. But basically, he's still a child and I mostly imagine him singing Disney songs rather than a pop album.

Now, David Cook... that's a true musician. ALW asked David C to imagine him to be a beautiful and desirable 17 year old girl. Now while David C was doing his performance and the camera did a close-up on him... mehn, I had goosebumps. No kidding. I felt like that 17 year old girl. And I loved how sincerely he sang it. It's not his best performance, I agree. But it was a great performance nonetheless. I'm starting to believe that America may allow him to win in the end.

But let me just commend the American Idol people for even thinking of an Andrew Lloyd Webber night. Mehn. Astig talaga.