Fave HP 7.2 moments

Beware: Spoilers ahead.

I want to emote about the finality of the anticipation of Harry Potter with this movie. But thankfully, the movie did well in providing a closure to the wonderful, magical journey I had with Harry and the rest of the wizarding world. The drama may be for another time since I still have two to three weeks to cling on to since the movie just started showing.

So for now I relive moments in the movie that had a lot of impact on me. I want to write it down and relish them without watching the movie over.
  • Dobby's tombstone. "Here lies Dobby. A free elf." Dobby knows much more about freedom and choice more than most people we know.
  • Snape's silhouette framed by a tower window then cut to the scene of Hogwarts students marching into the castle. Once the camera pans to Snape's face, you see he takes no delight. Also, the scene below is a contrast to the colorful, noisy greeting of Hogwarts in the past movies.
  • The Gringotts dragon. Such a beautiful, majestic creature! My heart bled with its chained neck. Beautiful creatures like that should be allowed to roam free!
  • The Gringotts massacre. I don't remember having read this in the book. And I hope it really wasn't there. Poor goblins! But uhm, why were those security wizards dressed like regular cops?
  • Hermione as Bellatrix. HBC does great in impersonating Hermione impersonating her character. Priceless. Ron wears a wig and goatee as H's companion. That look actually suits him!
  • Neville coming out the portrait with Arianna Dumbledore. That was a wonderful moment in the book for me too! I missed seeing Hogwarts in the first half of the book and first installment of the movie. And of course, knowing he will soon be out, Mayette and I were squealing "yey, Neville! Neville."
  • Harry meeting with other Hogwarts students. The look on the students' face, especially Seamus, when they discover had no plan. Priceless! :P
  • Snape fleeing Hogwarts. That short duel with McGonagall was the first sign of the coming battle. She may look old and a bit Miss Minchin like at times, but she's a bad-ass witch so don't mess with her!
  • McGonagall animating the Hogwarts statues. Like a giggly school girl she tells Molly "I've always wanted to use that spell!" I was laughing so hard I had to clap. And so did a good number of people in the cinema.
  • McGonagall instructing Seamus to work on pyrotechnics. If you did a marathon of the movies like I did, you will notice that Seamus gets blasted in the face almost all the movies. I was so happy with that reference but only a few seem to have got it. :/
  • The shield slowly covering up Hogwarts. I don't remember if there was music playing, but I was literally at the edge of my seat as it was happening.
  • Voldemort speaking to everyone in Hogwarts. His voice was soft, yet the malevolence was creeping on my skin. Wow.
  • Tonks and Remus holding out to each other when the shield was about to break. A pair of lovers, a pair of warriors.
  • The twins having their last conversation before the battle. I couldn't hear what they said to each other though. But still... my heart was in knots knowing what is to happen to one of them.
  • Neville aangas-angas with the Voldemort followers when they could not pass the shield. Then running as fast as his feet would take him when the shield broke. When he re-appears he goes, "That went well." Though I wish he said "I'm okay" because that was his dialogue everytime he fell in the earlier movies.
  • Ron and Hermione finally kissing! When and how. Big moment. Of course, clapping from most of the audience here. Sa wakas lang no!
  • Snape's death. It broke my heart.
  • Snape's love for Lily Potter. It broke my heart again. His love for Lily was as true as her love for Harry. Alan Rickman, you did justice to Snape. Thank you
  • Fred getting disarmed. Nooooo!
  • The death toll in the Great Hall. The undramatic manner of the showing the dead Fred, Remus and Lupin. As no fuss as it was in the book. Which makes it more heartbreaking.
  • Snape saying "always," Lily saying "always" in separate scenes. Sigh!
  • Draco crossing from Hogwarts flank to the Death Eater's side to be with his parents. Disappointing but expected.
  • Voldemort thinking Neville was joining the death eaters. "I was expecting someone better. I'm sure we will find something for you in our ranks" And the mockery in his voice as he said it.
  • Neville daring to speak up against Voldemort. Go Neville, true Gryffindor!!
  • Harry at King's Cross with Dumbledore. Conversations between those two are just full of quotable qoutes!
  • Neville cutting Nagini's head off. Yeaaaah!
  • Battle between Harry and Voldemort. (but not as Epic as the Voldemort-Dumbledore duel though)
  • Luna and Neville sitting quietly together. The pride in Neville's face. Win!
  • The last scene with the triumvirate 19 years later.

I did feel disappointed that they did not show Harry repairing his old wand with the elder wand. I really, really love that scene in the book. But oh well...
    So obviously, I enjoyed the movie. And I am glad to have known Harry Potter and his magical world.