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One of the difficult things I had to deal with in Komikon was finding the right comics to purchase. It was unfortunate that I had little lead time to research on the indie comic book artists present during the event because I could have made a more informed choice on which ones to buy. As much as I would like to support all artists, my benevolence far exceeds my purchasing power. I ended up focusing my energies on the more famous comic books.

I knew I wanted to get Elmer and other Gerry Alanguilan works but he made a previous announcement that he won't be able to sell during the Komikon. Bummer! I knew I should have gotten Elmer at Comic Odyssey when I had a chance!

I brought my previously purchased comic books to be signed by the artists and writers. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah had to be left behind since I had Carlo Vergara sign it during the ZZZ Ze Musikal at the CCP. I even bought the first installment of the next ZZZ when Ada and Dodong have finally arrived in Manila. I also brought Andong Agimat, hoping that Arnold Arre might be there. Apart from the Budjette and Kajo team-up, Arre must be the artist I the most collection. Unfortunately, my Martial Law Babies have been reduced to a stuck-together mess by Ondoy, my favorite Mythology Class situated in Davao and After Eden stuck somewhere in limbo of transferring from one hand to another. Unfortunately, Arre was not present in the Komikon. I was hoping to grab a copy of Trip to Tagaytay which a friend recommended.

During the Komikon, I felt like a little child with P20 in her pocket with so much craving for sweets but daunted by all the wonderful colors of colorful candies and scented sweets. This is where friend recommendations come in! Thankfully, I bumped into a friend from the office who had so much conviction in recommending Macoy's...
TVM vs. ESP2 was just a photocopied comic book (I like it that way!) which cost P30. I was immediately captivated by the illustration in page 2! By page 3, I was convinced that the comic contained the kind of humor that I appreciated. Mahirit, makulit and pakyut. By page 4, I was in-love with the TVM. His dress code propriety was impeccable.

It's interesting to discover that the comic was just made in 2 days. I thought it was done in one. Just kidding! I would dare conclude that it was precisely the rush, the cramming which added to its charm. The story is simple and straightforward with little fru-fru but abundant with heckling. That's precisely why I enjoyed it immensely.

If you pass by Comic Odyssey or Sputnik (I've never been here!) and you have P30 to spare. Go grab the TVM vs. ESP2. I can imagine the chuckling happening as you read it. Unless you're the kind of person who prefers a hearty laugh to a good joke. Either would be good for the heart. ;P


BabyPink said...

Nakakatuwa naman itong mga komiks na nakakahiligan mo. This one (the title) particularly reminds me of an old Visayan radio drama called Ramini ang Batang Boronse ug ang Mighty Aninipot. Hehe:)

eric santillan said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile and it was good to read your writing again.

Pwedeng makahingi ng reflections mo (on spirituality and society) for angperegrino, anj? :-)