using technology for Lent

We did not have the new way of the Cross for our Stations of the Cross. So what did I do? I looked for a free app on via crucis. I found two and read them on my iPod touch during our Visita Iglesia. I was the only one who was using a technological device I observed. Cool!

* * * * *
These last two years, I have just spent Holy Week at home. It's often a more difficult way to spend the culmination of the Lenten season since everyday distractions like the internet and television are there to tempt me. It's been a struggle keeping away from FB and twitter, though I've allowed myself to read blogs and news.

There are, however, some gems on the internet that help me achieve my desire for reflection and deeper understanding of Jesus' sacrifice.

My particular joy for these last two Holy Week period is the website Pins of Light. Last year, I was able to spend time reflecting on God in the Dungeons. This year had another interesting theme, the Fugitives of Lent. Younger people may appreciate recollections found on the Pins of Light because it uses secular songs, popular songs, in the context of Jesus' love. I never realized how apt Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" is for Good Friday!

The Fugitives of Lent is an online recollection that looks at the journey of Christ through the lives of three "bad boys" --

Fugitive # 1 - Judas Iscariot (Holy Thursday)
Fugitive # 2 - Pontius Pilate (Good Friday)
Fugitive # 3 - Simon Peter (Black Saturday).

The first two are obvious choices, but the third may be interesting for some since Peter did become the first Pope and the rock of the Church.

As I matured and experienced a bit of the ways of the world, I have learned not to take Judas and Pilate as villains but rather victims of their own circumstances. And true enough, the online recollection allows the retreatant to see these two outside their vilified status. And to see our own moments of being/encountering Judas and Pilate.

The other two were very insightful but I would say my favorite was the recollection with Peter. I think it is easier for people to falter the way Peter has. To claim much love for the Lord, yet in the end, when it was necessary to proclaim him, he denied Jesus because of fear.

Holy Week hopes that we see how much love Jesus has for us that we forget our fears. Tomorrow, I look forward to the hope and love that Easter brings. :)