Holy Week reflection guide

I resolved to immerse myself in prayer and reflection during this Holy Week period. This is one of those times when technology can bring you closer to God. I really have not gone out of my room for a spiritual encounter.

In case you would also like to have your own journey inside the screens of your computers, here are some websites which can be your spiritual guide.

Sacred Space Lenten recollection. Around four hours for retreat including those quiet moments for reflection.

The Fugitives of Lent. Experience the grace of Holy Week by understanding the "bad guys" in Jesus' life.

Seven last words. By Mark Roberts and the Passionists. Go through the last moments of Jesus before he dies on the cross.

* * * * *
Happy Earth Day, by the way. Maybe you can add a reflection on our stewardship of Mother Earth in your reflection.

Pass by google.com to see their tribute. So cute!