i can buy books again!

since i got back, i had to hold back buying all the books that i wanted because... well, because i wasn't sure when i get a job. and while books would have been the perfect company while i was stuck at home waiting for job interviews, it would also be an unnecessary expenditure.

thank God for great friends who lend their own! bunny lent me "underpass" while andoy lent me the entire percy jackson series and some issues of fables. great reads! i finished all five books of PJ and fables issues in less than one week. i did read edgardo reyes' "maynila sa kuko ng liwanag" which was written in the 80's (or was it 70's) and unfortunately speaks the truth about poverty until now.

there were a lot of other books that i looked at longingly every time we entered a bookstore. some of the titles i wanted to read, since they were indie local comics, could only be found in local comics stores which thankfully are not in the easily accessible paths of the mall. in other words, kelangan sadyain.

now... i finally have a bit of disposable income. and so i bought some of the books that i wanted.
i have been looking for septimus heap for ages. none of the places i went have the first book. i went to a less-known branch of National Bookstore and found lots of copies. wooot!

Since the movie was coming out, I had to put it on priority list. Read the book, saw the movie. Makes it fun to be 12 and reading this.

And TRESE. Trese, trese, trese. Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo... wow. wow. wow. I can't get over the fact how amazing the story of Alexander Trese and the Kambal are. My fancy for local folklore has been tickled crazy. I've re-read the comics twice. In two days. And I want to read it again. And guess what... Neil Gaiman likes Trese too. NEIL GAIMAN LIKES TRESE. How cool is that?! How cool is that?! I think this book should be released world wide!

I hope the duo comes up with more Trese stories soon.

Anyway, I want to buy more books soon. But I think I should hold back a bit. I should really put a book cap on myself per month because I can go crazy especially since I've been using my credit card a lot (i know, i know... I tread dangerous waters here). I think I've reached my April quota. So I should buy on May already.

Next on the list is Elbert Or's Lola (as illustrator, not writer), Alanguilan's "Elmer" and "Where Bold Stars go to Die", the second Wimpy Kid and Septimus Heap book,

Though... on the 17th would be the KomikCon... so I may not be able to keep my word. uh-oh.


BabyPink said...


I miss buying books, too. But, at least, I got books for presents. Nakakatuwa.

Gusto kong basahin 'yang Percy Jackson series. :)