"How to Train Your Dragon " rocks!

Dragons have always fascinated me. I am, after all, a lover of fantasy books. There was a time I'd buy books just because there is "dragon" in the title or in the cover. But then, I started to earn my own money and plan for bigger things so I had to be choosy.

I've seen the "How to Train Your Dragon" book several times in the bookstore and have thought of buying it. Unfortunately, other books kept overtaking it in my buying list. Until I realized that it is too late... the book is now a movie. So it is highly likely that when I buy the book, I'll have the Dreamworks cover.

Which is actually not that bad because the movie was absolutely enjoyable. I LOVED IT! The facial expressions of the characters were good. The script was great. The music was fascinating. The dragons were creative and lovable. The animation was fantastic.

At the end of the movie, I said to myself, "Best Animation Feature" nominee! I hope it wins but it might be too early to say especially with Toy Story 3 coming out. Nonetheless, I really really enjoyed the movie a lot and if movies were cheap, I'd watch it again.

This is one movie that would have been great in 3D. Unfortunately, Clash of the Titans just bumped it off. And that movie was not even that great.

How to Train Your Dragon! Watch it!!!


Ibyang said...

i've heard so many great reviews about this movie. will definitely see this soon :)

wishing you a great week!