presidentiables and politics

the battle among presidential candidates are getting hotter as the campaign period draws near. i expect more mud-slinging and negative campaigning in the coming days.

we have been subjected to elections of voting for the lesser evil. yet i am thinking about what kind of lesser evil do i allow?

today the news revealed that manny villar is fast catching up with noynoy aquino. this can probably be attributed to the amount of 'airtime' villar is getting with the C-5 scandal. as conrado de quiros mentioned in his column, his publicity is giving villar an advantage because noynoy is getting less coverage (though arguably, the SCTEX issue cropped up in relation to the C-5 issue).

but then i think that is too presumptuous. we have to remember as well, that noynoy has not given people a solid reason why he should be elected president other than the fact that he will not be corrupt (but is not SCTEX a form of corruption as well?). i honestly do not find this a sufficient reason to give my vote to him. i adore his parents but my vote is too precious to be left to sentimentality.

i find it disturbing that it took villar a long time to face the senate and say his piece about the situation. when he finally did, he walked out immediately leaving questions unanswered. maari ngang lutong macao pero napapapaisip ako kung bakit ayaw niyang sumagot. if he is really for the people then it is not really the senate that he owes an explanation to but the people. and it is not enough for me to be directed to the website (though i should start studying their profiles soon) for that question to be answered. things are easy to hide in writing. facing a crowd full of questions takes guts. and i want my leader to have guts and to be honest. i have a feeling that villar has not yet shown this.

on the other hand, i am also disturbed by the fact that noynoy has not given a satisfactory answer regarding hacienda luisita. when i listen to him answer questions in debates, he is always vague and unclear. i find this as dangerous as not answering questions. more so because people loyal to him can interpret it the way to his advantage. or even those he is loyal to. after these past few months, i am still unclear what he stands for. moral ascendancy is too precious a term to just be given away like that. this is something that is shown or practiced and not claimed.

one question i have regarding this senate inquiry on villar though is, why just villar? have we not heard news of bayani fernando's construction company doing the overpasses and fly overs and urinals all over the metro? why has this not been raised in the senate? did i miss this one? because i hope not. i dislike the guy because he has turned metro manila into one giant ugly playground. i could not take it seriously with the blue and pink (in the shade of the blue and pink in an 8-color crayola box). makati has similar structures but it looks serious and clean. i digress. anyway... why have i not heard of this? if you have, please point me to the right direction so i can read about it.

and why has the senate not exerted the same amount of time and effort with the arroyo scandals? why do they let it die down? yet this issue with villar drags on and on.

right now, neither one is on top of my list. unless i get the last minute idea that i should just vote for a candidate who is more likely to win rather than one i truly believe in. i have not done that ever yet. i voted for roco twice despite knowing how little chance he had because he was who i believed in.

i hardly have the same certainty for any candidate as much as i did for roco. though i am strongly considering nick (perlas) and dick (gordon).

i don't care if gordon is using his red cross experience because it could not be any worse than asking me if i have swam in a sea of garbage or being told of his heritage over and over. i thoroughly enjoyed gordon's time sa DOT secretary. all those WOW activities generated a lot of local tourism. though after being informed that he feels kindle is the answer to education woes lost a few points for me. but i don't think that will fly anyway. but he seems to be able to get things done. and we need things done in this country. we are too stuck in words and debate. :(

nick perlas, on the other hand, swept me off my feet when he said he would push for first language medium of instruction. i think he was the most clear with what he wanted to happen in terms of education. he gives well thought out answers and seemed intelligent enough. he just is not popular enough, unfortunately. if he chose to run for senate, he would definitely be one of my top votes. but who knows... i never really factored in winnability when it comes to casting my vote.

as for the rest...

erap. he should not even be a candidate. stupid comelec knows that by putting him in the roster is inviting a constitutional crisis. he looks like he still has his dose of booze and women. no no no. i do not want a president who slurs.

gibo. well.... he is quite a looker. and it's nice to listen to him talk. he won pogi points for me when he answered that he should abstain himself from GMA issues because they are of the same party. it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. so i credit him for honesty. and honesty in this game is a breath of fresh air. nonetheless, it is clear that he does not run the party, that he is a puppet by the very fact that he allowed edu manzano to be his running mate. at the same time, masyado syang magaling magpalusot sa mga GMA questions. he answers the questions, but the things he does not say sound scary to me. can still be considered but more likely a no vote.

jamby. number one nuisance candidate. i can't believe they disqualified ladlad and not this woman. NO NO NO NO!

jc delos reyes. no sex education? are you kidding me?! and i also want a president who can speak with confidence. maybe he should run for mayor first. no.

anyone i missed out?

if you have any dirt on gordon or perlas, i welcome it. and if you have arguments for villar and noynoy, i welcome it as well. i have not done much research on the candidates yet. my thoughts are mainly formed from what i see on tv and read on the newspaper and my own gut feel.

if you are a follower of any of the candidates, i welcome a sales pitch. i want to know why you are voting for your candidate. if you want to argue, do so, but do not take it personally against me. i am not out to be vile against your candidate (unless she is jamby or BF) rather it is just what i see.

i am very confused. :(


Nex Agustin said...

Hi! I am voting for and campaigning for Nicanor Perlas. If you are looking for dirt, well, honestly you'll find none. A person with Integrity has embraced any mistake or shortcoming, wiping any "dirt" and turning it into valuable assets and eventually defining one's character. And if you do believe your vote is too precious, don't even entertain the thought of going for some lesser evil out there...not worth it. I can go on and on, but my friend has written this very apt article for people like you who seem interested but still influenced by "winnability". A principled vote can make any "unpopular" candidate win, and not only that, but make winners out of the electorate as well - voting from your highest ideals is already the mark of a winner. We also have regular orientation sessions, saturdays if you wish to know more. Or visit www.nicanorperlas.com or www.kaperlas.com

You can check this article from Ica Fernandez:
I am not voting for Nicanor Perlas in the upcoming presidential elections.

What I am voting for, however, are the ideas and aspirations and processes he embodies. The fact that he is currently in the bottom half of the surveys is not a factor. My conscience is. And what my conscience is now saying is to tell the world about Nick, and what he brings in a small but absolutely badass package.


angie said...

Hi, Nex.

Thanks for your insight. Right now, Nick Perlas is on top of my list. I have been liking his performance in the debates and his insights.

I've read the article your friend wrote and I'm glad to know that ordinary people like us vouch for him.

I am still considering how all the candidates conduct their campaign. Decorum, I feel, is also an important factor for me.

I do hope that more people get to listen to people like Nick Perlas unshrouded by money, politics or agenda.

Good luck!

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