i lurv kitties!

photo from fuckyeahcuteanimalss.tumblr.com

many things may me go awwwwwww! and kitties are one of them. i usually visit icanhascheezburger.com for my daily dose of cat but lately the jokes and/or photos are getting corny. then i stumbled upon a tumblr that featured cute animals. i loooove most of the photos but i especially love kitty cats. i wish i can own one.

there was a time i had a cat. no one in the household really liked cats except myself but we were forced by a mice infestation in an old decrepit apartment we used to stay in in makati to get one. and believe me! the cat did his job well! every day we would find one or two dead critters caught by kim (our helper named him that).

he passed away eventually, the way cats usually do. away and secretly. i loved kim. and i wish i could keep a cat.

though funny thing. after i finally discovered my allergy to alcoholic beverages (because i finally tried one), all my other allergies started coming out. including cats. which made me feel really bad. cats just take away my crankiness more than dogs. well maybe because we usually have regular sized dogs who are frisky and stop being cute the moment they hit puberty. i like my animals small and cuddly that i can carry them and squeeze them... gently of course.

gimme a kitteh now! me wants to hold a kitty and just go gigiiiiil!!!


Anonymous said...

dog person ako, but cute kitties appeal to me. hindi ko lang sila hahawakan! hahahaha.

anj said...

i love animals in general. pero kitty pictures just makes me go... awwwww! baka dahil leo ako. haha!