i love earning points!

i try to write as much as possible for igougo.com not really to share travel experiences but for earning the points. lol. each travel review or photo can earn corresponding points which upon accumulation can earn a certain amount of gift certificates. 6000 points = $25, 12000 points = $50 and 24000 = $100.

early last year, i was finally able to claim a $100 amazon gift certificate which i used to purchase several books. those 24000 points took two years to accumulate! mainly because i wasn't that faithful in plotting my journeys.

with the recent wealth of time that i have in my hands, i try to write as much as i can. i've earned a little over 7000 points in a month and i love it! at least it gives me a sense of accomplishment that i have not had much of lately.

are you a traveler? why not try to make the most of your trip by writing your own stories over at igougo.com?