getting used to being married...

it's not a secret that i had to leave a few months after the wedding because i was able to get a scholarship abroad. so my on-the-job training for being a wife and someone's 'live-in' partner had to be cut short.

now i'm back to it. both of us, i think, are still getting used to the daily motions of being married though we haven't really stabilized yet given my current state of 'lost' as i hunt for work.

a clear evidence that we are still unused to married life is... toothpaste.

yes, toothpaste.

i brought a tube back from netherlands which i was currently using. after a while, i realized that there were a couple of toothpaste tubes on the dresser which were both used. i asked him why he was using his own. he thought i wanted my own tube.

i found this absolutely hilarious. i told him i did not mind sharing because i am fairly certain that i will have to ask for toothpaste from him if i don't get work any time soon. other than that, i think sharing would be more cost-efficient if we are to be room mates anyway.

i'm glad marriage does not come with manuals. it would be no fun that way!


Anonymous said...

True, true... At the beginning you always feel compelled to ask permission to use one another's stuff. Then things start to get very comfortable when 'mine' is now assumed to be 'ours'... unless we're talking about a bag of chocolate chip cookies, then it's always 'mine.' LOL.

Ibyang said...

i agree. after three years of being married, we've decided to make up our own rules along the way---and yes, it's fun that way.

it's nice to get advices from older couples or relatives but at the end of the day, it's the two of you that should decide on how you go about things, especially that every couple is different anyway.

BabyPink said...

Hehe:) Nakakatuwa naman. :)

mobile247 said...

it is kind of funny, cute even, but not really unusual. some couples do prefer having their own toothpaste tubes, specially if they have different ways of squeezing the paste out of the tube. one may prefer to squeeze the middle part while the other may prefer to squeeze the end part. personally, i don't mind either way, although i tend to squeeze from the end (for efficiency sake), but for some people who are more 'OC', it can be a cause for irritation.

if you are one of them 'OC' people and you squeeze the tube differently from your spouse, better to have separate tubes than have one small irritation eventually be the trigger of a much bigger fight :)

anj said...

hehe! good point, louis. luckily, jan and i like to squeeze our toothpaste the same way which is from the end of the tube like you. :)

still discovering lots of things about married life. nothing earth shattering as of yet, but it will get more exciting soon i think. ;p