In response to 'Ganito Tayo Noon, Ganito Tayo Ngayon' centerfold in the Inquirer

In the centerfold of the Inquirer is a huge table of data comparing our present data compared to past presidents. It is undeniable that this is another attempt by the government to laud the 'achievements' of the nine-year GMA regime.

First response to that is that the UN itself is saying the Philippines is performing poorly in the Education For All program (EFA), trailing only after Tanzania and Zambia. Here's the link:

Data given:
Teachers' salaries from P9,939 in 2000 to P14,198 in 2009. Excuse me but given the inflation, their value is probably just about the same.

Textbook to student ratio: 1:1 for English and Sibika in Elementary, 1:1 for English, Math and Science for High School. Sounds good. But what about the other subjects? And do you honestly think these books translate to better understanding on the kids part? AND are they allowed to bring this books home in the first place? I've visited rural public schools before and the kids ARE NOT allowed to bring them home because they will get old fast and may not be able to be used the next year.

Classroom to Students ratio: 1:39 Elementary and 1:55 HS. This ratio is not exactly something to feel good about. A conducive learning environment for children and a manageable classroom level for teachers would be a ratio of 1:20--25. 30 at most. And excuse me, but you have failed to note that A GOOD NUMBER OF SCHOOLS HAVE THREE SHIFTS OF FOUR HOURS just so there would be less students in class. So you think students can learn seven subjects in four hours?!! Tell me.

PAG-IBIG calamity loans for Ondoy and Pepeng victims: None for 2000. P12B for 2009. ALANGAN!!! Walang Ondoy at Pepeng nuon. Please say NOT APPLICABLE.

Farm to Market roads: 1998-2000 = 3,044 kms. GMA term = 17,517. Woman, you had nine years to accomplish that. Your average is just about the same.

OFW Deployment: 841,628 OFWs in 2000. 1.28M Jan-Nov 2009. You are proud of sending people abroad to work to keep this country afloat? Many are leaving this country, finding work abroad because they are desperate to survive. Nothing to be proud about.

Land distribution through agrarian reform: 523,000 hectares 1998-2000. 1.8M from 2001 to Sept 2009. That's just an average of 200,000 hectares per year for you. 260,000 hectares for Erap.

Buying rice for palay: P8.50 per kilo in 2000. P17 per kilo in 2009. Excuse me, magkano bigas nuon? I think it was around P18. Magkano ngayon? P30-40. Hello.

Cellphone subscribers: 6.4 M in 2000. 75M in 2009
Internet usage: 1.98% 2000/24.5% in 2009
1) It was just starting then. What do you expect?
2) I think Globe, Smart and Sun are the ones we should thank for this. Not you.
3) And oh... do you remember the time when text messaging was free? We pay P1 per text now. Whee. Hah.
4) Wala pang FB at kasisimula pa lang ng Friendster. Wala pang halaga ang internet nuon. (hehe! joke lang to)

There are so much more data in the newspaper. I can't seem to find it online yet. But those stuff up there are the only ones I have an answer to. The economy part... malamang it's true. I know crap about econ.

I mean I understand the needing to justify what you have done for your work. I used to that for my work too. But the thing that pisses me off is that those data pretends that everything is fine and dandy in this country because she took over. Pshaw. No, it's not.


Anonymous said...

PR work is hard, especially if your client is GMA. GMA suffers from massive insecurity and paranoia. She thinks that by putting out gigantic ads like the big spread they did recently, people will just rollover, clap their hands, pat her on the back.

I'm glad the Philippines is not a militaristic state, otherwise we'll see GMA's busts everywhere...perish the thought.

Great post! And I agree with your opinion on FB.