been a while

it has been a while since i posted anything decent in this blog. school and trying not to do school has been keeping me busy. and honestly, i really have nothing in mind to say. oh, there is much in my head for sure. but none of which i can actually blog about meaningfully yet. i have not the words.

anyway, the last few days, i have been looking bact at my old blog. i surprised myself. i did not know i could write so well, if i can just give time to actually think about what i say, if i actually give myself time to reflect. but i have not.

i wish i could say life is happening to me right now. but not really. most of the time, i'm cooped up in my room, surrounded by books i have yet to read, battling thoughts on my research paper, running away using facebook and livestreaming movies.

but i want to blog again. to write again. to free my mind again of thoughts that hardly mean anything, but then i want to say them anyway. maybe just writing nonsense random things will get the mojo back again.

i miss it. i miss writing. i miss writing to share what i see, what i feel. so i'm hoping this is a start.