30 going 13... or 16 maybe


there is something seriously wrong when exams are coming up and essay is due and the panic button is still not on, when half the day is spent watching a taiwanese soap opera from six years ago.

there is absolutely something serious wrong when anything heard that is not filipino or english sounds chinese. or when one of the F4 boys looks at the camera and one feels all kilig and giddy all over. or when upon watching aforementioned boys (who are probably men now) singing in chinese makes one laugh like a sixteen year old being wooed by her crush. and gawd, there is something seriously wrong feeling all giddy for men who wear shirts smaller than mine!


i really need a life.
or at least need to have these exams and essays over.
or dance like crazy and get this trapped energy out.

*oh baby, baby, my baby, baby...*
*giggle, giggle, giggle*

note to self: you are 30 years old

this is all barcelona's fault.


fortuitous faery said...

shancaaaiiiiiii! haha!

dumaan din ako sa f4 phase (eh magka-edad lang pala tayo :)

bitbit ko nga sa NJ ang mga f4 paraphernalia ko mula pa divisoria at quiapo. haha! at yung mga VCD ng buong serye!

anj said...

nice. haha! sa youtube lang ako nagpapalipas ng oras (kahit di dapat dahil exam). may nahanap din akong site ng mga asian dramas. buti na lang at mabilis ang internet sa europa. haha!

BabyPink said...

wo ai F4!!! is taht wrong? hehehe:)