online shopping: virgin no more

so i did say i finally redeemed by $100 gift certificate for amazon.com from igougo.com for writing travel reviews.

initially i wanted to get a camera bag for dixie as well as lens cleaners. there was this watch that meant something to me that i lost so i wanted to replace that. unfortunately, they won't deliver the camera stuff here in the netherlands or in the philippines. i would have waited until someone was going to the philippines from the US. but i wanted to run away from school work so much that i busied myself with online shopping.

apart from the watch, i ended up with a neil gaiman books buying spree.

and also ended up getting 'neverending story' by michael ende suggested by jovan, which i have always known to be just a movie.
total purchase was just around $66.oo but the shipping cost half of that. bummer! still it was not money that i had to work for with blood, sweat and tears. i did also enjoy the experience and the fact that it helped me run away from important homework which i should be attending to.
my next $100 gift check, i will make sure will just end up with purchases and not shipping. heehee!


Anonymous said...

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