the graveyard book by neil gaiman

because i got the book at the same time that i was doing a major paper for school, i ended up finishing it more than a week. but i know i could have finished it in one sitting if i had the luxury of time and not just snatches.

the story is about nobody owens, or bod, who unknowingly escaped a murder plot against him by the man jack. his one and a half year old self ends up at the graveyard where many spirits from time past reside. the book tells about his adventure in and out of the graveyard until he turned 15.

after reading the book, i felt... whoa. wow. whoa. wow.

there has been an interesting debate as to whether it is a children's book or is it a juvenile book. though it being granted a newberry award puts him in the children section.

but at usual, gaiman uses the richness of his imagination thus making the story hard to define. i felt all sorts of emotions reading the book. at first i was giggling and amused, then worried, then relieved, and then worried again. and at the end, i was sad and happy at the same time.

as usual, gaiman has crafted another array of interesting and lovable characters, he makes it difficult for you to choose which one is your favorite. i loved silas. i loved lisa hempstock. i loved caius pompeius. i loved everybody! i disliked the jacks, but they are not meant to be liked.

it was worth the 18 euros i paid for, especially with the signed copy. definitely worth it!