Christmas around the corner

Ah yes... capitalism's most favorite holiday!

The Pinoys have picked out the names of who their babies will be for the Kris Kringle for our Christmas celebration before we part ways for our respective Christmas celebrations. Maricar had a great idea of each of us preparing for a wish list to make sure we get exactly what we want.

So what do I want?
1. A black fedora hat. I really like how it looks on me. :)
2. A pair of girl and boy earrings. Am starting a collection.
3. A winter coat up to the knees that is really warm.
4. Leather gloves
5. Black leather boots
6. iPod with 8GB or up memory
7. 50-300mm Nikon camera lens
8. a waterproof camera bag
9. a waterproof 10kg backpack
10. a one way ticket to Netherlands and a one year residence permit for my husband ;p
11. two round trip tickets to Greece for me and jan
12. Christmas with my entire family (jan, my mom, siblings and pamangkins) with roasted pig and ice cold Coke
13. a RP topic that I will love doing and will mean something somehow
14. a photographic memory to remember everything that I read and I hear in class
15. World Peace. seriously.

16. the fuzzy, warm feeling of Christmas. the sincere, genuine feeling of gratitude that Christ was born to live a life worth looking up to.

I am also willing to accept sincere bear hugs and a genuine wish of Merry Christmas. ;p