sunny day

the last two days the weather was just wonderful. the sun was out and it wasn't that cold.

yesterday, after i finished with my temporary residence permit activities, i rushed to the schevinengen supposedly so i can read for class. supposedly.

i ended up just watching the surfers make do with the tinny waves and people walking their dogs or playing with their kids. as i walked the length of the beach, the sound of the waves soothed my spirit. though schevinengen looked nothing like suqui beach, it sounded so much like it. suqui beach was where i would usually go for some alone time when i was a volunteer in mindoro. i couldn't help but be energized. like i was a battery fully charged. the sea has always been my friend and it was a good one yesterday.

as i walked i couldn't help but notice that the birds were pairing up. mating season! there were a couple of swans floating by. then a pair of pigeons pecking out. and gulls flying in pairs.

then i loved the sight of the sun dancing on the waves. that made me feel good the most for some reason.

today... even if i just spent a few minutes outside, it also made me feel good especially since i did not feel the need to wear a jacket. a rare moment these days, and one i wanted to abuse but then classes had to start. bummer. tee-hee!

i just hope for more sunny days ahead before winter finally comes!


Joy said...

Sounds like it was really a nice day,, here in OZ its getting nicer and nicer SPRING TIMe!!!
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