internet: none. the freakin' internet connection still won't work wheter with wi-fi or cable. what the hell is wrong? it is frustrating and irritating because most of the readings for class are online. i can access to the library but it is closed on weekends.

classes: we started yesterday. i like all my professors. they all seem to be very kind in the sense that they are trying to make it easy for everyone. all the ones i took were the intermediate even if i did learn some of them in college. that was ten to twelve years ago, so i bet i forgot everything now.

netherlands: i was already able to go to amsterdam and rotterdam for free because it was an official school or course activity. some of us did stay behind in amsterdam since the field trip was done by 4PM. there were actually only eight of us, but it was nice to see amsterdam on foot and not just on a boat.

i'd have a more decent story if only i had decent internet. hay naku.

i do have some photos on my multiply page (a link is on the sidebar) and facebook page. i actually have to update facebook now because some international friends prefer that to multiply. oh well. :D


BabyPink said...

hi anj!:)

it's been sooo long. lumipat ka na pala, kinasal (ito, naibalita naman sa akin kahit paano), at nasa ibang bansa na! grabe, ang galing naman! dream ko din ang makapunta ng europe!:)

i'm happy for you, sa lahat ng magagandang nangyayari sa'yo.:)