i still dont have internet connection in my dorm. and i'm the only one who does not have. either by cable or wifi. the tech support already memorized my password because they have been trying to figure it out. and the only thing they can come up with is it's because i'm using vista. heck! a lot of people are on vista as well, and their internet is working fine.

the irritating is i cant get to watch UAAP. the main reason why i even got a credit card is so i can subscribe to tfc so i can watch the games and maybe ateneo grab the championship. but nooooo. gah.

and i have not talked to jan for days. who has not changed even with the distance. texts me every two or three days. and usually for official notifications. hehe! but yeah, i'm missing the dude.

thank God things have been pretty busy so far. and i have not time to mope. classes start tomorrow and i have not read anything yet. i dont have the readings and have to search the library for that. gah. i have a few hours to try. but all the nerds seem to have gotten the books out. :(

anyway, i'm enjoying the yogurt, muesli, salad and sandwiches. my meat intake is considerably lesser.

but mehn, i went out a couple of times and the damage is often 12-13 euros. it hurts like crazy when i convert it to peso.

but i'm fine and having fun so far. i feel like i'm 20 again. ;p


Mayet said...

hi!just finished reading some of your entries!! galing naman!
It's a good thing na nageenjoy ka with your classmates and hopefully magkaroon ka na ng connection. at magkasama kayo dyan ng hubby mo real soon.
nakakasakit talaga ng loob pag nagkoconvert sa peso, kaya ako tumigil na he-he-he!!
take care!

rowie said...

sana maayos na internet mo. :-/

btw i just noticed -- yung palacios kitchen link sa left, dapat may "the." i made one that was just "palacioskitchen," didnt like it, so i made another one that was "thepalacioskitchen." hehe!