a very special kind of love

i'm a john lloyd fan back in the days when he was still rovic in tabing-ilog. up to this day, i still root for rovic-eds and their real life alter egos john lloyd-kaye abad (who is happy with chito, who is also a rovic-eds fan).

i'm a sarah geronimo fan back when i watched her live here in davao, finding her a funny and genuine performer. oh, did i mention that it was mark bautista that i wanted to see?

so now they star in "a very special love," which i was quite excited to see. two of my favorite celebrities together! though, sarah's acting has always been too perky for my taste but i am always amused so it's not a bother.

let's not talk about the story. there is no point coming in a star cinema love story looking for plot or characterization. it's all about entertainment and wasting your two hours in kababawan.

was there chemistry? i was surprised to see that there was. i was actually... kilig! i don't often get kilig. most of the time, i get aliw or amused or happy-exasperated with pinoy romantic comedies, but not kilig.

why was i kilig?

maybe because laida, sarah's character, was also kilig with miggy, JL's character. even if laida is too perky and optimistic for anyone's taste, you can't help but like her.

or maybe it's just john lloyd. staring at his object of affection with piercing, sincere eyes... reading her soul and wanting it. smiling that oh-so beautiful smile. like a little angel with a secret.

maybe it's the entire cinema crowd who shrieked at every meeting of the eye or an almost-kiss. or that makalaglag-panty moment with john lloyd singing his serenade (don't roll your eyes. THIS IS a star cinema love story, okay!). ang pogi niya dun! aaaaah. at hep! ang sun dance! ;p

does it matter what the story was? i wanted to watch for fun. and i had a lot of fun. i was laughing and giggling. i had a good time. i was kilig. i had a two-hour exposure to john lloyd cruz. but if you have to know, it's fine and engaging enough. plus my ang tv crush gio alvarez gets to play a man this time.

and the outtakes... watch out for the second to the last one. hilarious! "kaya niyo yun?"

nalolongkot ka ba? walang magawa sa buhay? nuod ka ng "a very special love"

tandaan lang ha...KABABAWAN ANG HANAP kung manunuod.

o! community singing na!


Toni said...

Gusto ko rin manood!!!