today i turn 30.

strangely, i feel excited to hit the third decade of my life. the last thirty years have been so good to me that i can not help but feel excited about what is to come next.

i feel as young as i felt ten years ago. i feel as excited by the world as i was ten years ago.


i have been wonderfully blessed by God with a loving family, which despite of our imperfections, love and care for each other deeply

... with a loving bunch of friends of all sorts. friends to share my soul with, friends to dream with, friends to play with, friends to travel with. there is always a friend for every need i have. how can i not be lucky?

... with abundant opportunities. i've never been really THAT smart, but somehow i've survived working for the last ten years without really failing terribly. most of the mistakes i've made i've learned from. i was telling my friend some years back, "i never thought i could go this far with just a good heart." and now it still holds true. how cool is that.

... with material blessings. i may not be rich (yet). i may have to save up for months to get something i want or think many times over if i could really afford that pair of shoes or that laptop bag which i really need, but i can still afford them. i eat three meals a day. i can opt for an expensive one occasionally. i get to pay my debts as soon as the bills come in. i get to enjoy things that we often take for granted... food, drinks, internet, taxi rides, movies... i know how not everyone is able to.

... and of course, my wonderful, wonderful JAN. my anagram, my best friend, my kaasaran, my companion, my partner... you make my life happier and more fun. everyday, you make me realize how God loves me. if you can love me like that, i imagine how much more our Father can? thank you for being that. thank you for letting me be myself. thank you for wanting the best for me all the time. thank you for being kaladkarin. thank you for letting me live my dreams and living them with me. :)

can you see the view

so see? what is not to be excited about?

(and there are more news ahead that i have not publicly announced yet... but soon.)


Ganns said...

Happy birthday!


Are you on the family way?

rowie said...

Thirty is the new 20. Naalala mo noong bata tayo, 'kala natin ang tanda-tanda ng 30?

And now in our 30s, we still feel as young and as energetic as ever.

(Except when we observe 20-year-olds and feel like they're such teenagers, and we wonder if we were like that when we were their age. Hahaha!)

Happy birthday, girl! Loveya!

anj said...

ganns and rowie... thank you so much for the greeting and more so for the friendship. :)

it has been a wonderful ten years with you. :) plus four pa pala since freshman year.

love ya both!

Toni said...

happy birthday! sinabi ko na sa SMS ang gusto ko sabihin. mwah!