kamaricutan: resto cum gallery

another dinner was spent at kamaricutan, as recommended by our itinerary peeps, jerry and ninin. on our way to banwa pension house, the tricycle driver who brought us there also mentioned the restaurant to us.

it was post-shopping from the baragatan festival stalls that we ended lugging around the giant rattan picnic basket i bought for mom with the rest of our bargain finds inside it.

digression: which i intended for a hamper in her room, but she found so nice that it is now stored until we have a picnic or have a trip to a beach. which is like once a year. i lugged it all the way from palawan to manila to davao just to be stored in the cabinets. jeez.

anyways, kamaricutan is a bit far from the downtown compared to the other two restos we ate in. this one was located farther than the airport. and it was not by the highway, rather one has to enter a wooded compound, probably 50 meters from the main road (am bad with estimations).

it seemed that jan and i were the only people eating there. i'd account that to the rain. people may know that kamaricutan is not an easy to place to go to in that weather, unlike us.

when the waitress was leading us to our seats, i asked if we had to remove our sandals like what we had to do at banwa, ka lui and lotus garden. apparently footwear was welcome.

at the right wing of kamaricutan was the resto and at the left was the gallery. most of the artworks on display was for sale. the prices were on the expensive side, but then these are unique pieces done by artists so it was understandble (but we could not afford anymore at that point. hehe!). there were shirts, beaded jewelry, books and organic beauty products. amongst the products was a liquid insect repellant. i was tempted to buy one because the mosquitoes were feasting on our exposed legs. but on the pretense of testing the product first, i got from the tester tube. aba, aba, aba... it works. hehe.

DSC_1312 DSC_1309 DSC_1310 DSC_1311

their menu was more limited than ka lui's and lotus garden's. they did not have set meals either. most of what they had were standard restaurant fares. jan decided on beef salpicao (P170) while i got deep friend prawns with tartar sauce (P150). we each got iced brewed tea (P55).

while waiting we went around the gallery. my favorite title was "gren," a series of postcard sized paintings of forests. i was just so amused by the title because that's how i saw green sometimes, for fun.

of course, i was taking photos. i was like on my third or fourth photo when jan pointed out a sign that said no picture-taking. oops. hehe. that's why i don't have a lot of photos. masunuring bata ako e. hehe.

before we had our dinner, jan and i used the rest rooms first. and lo! another interesting looking room of comfort! thus, i violated the no photo rule and took shots of the inside of the lavatories. i want my future own home's bathroom to be a cross of ka lui's and kamaricutan's! (at oo, sinama ko ang inidoro, to prove that it is the comfort room i am taking a photo of. hehe!)


we finally had our dinner after my extra-legal photo-taking. not-good karma though as most of the photos at kamaricutan was blurred. hehe. anyhoo, our dinner looked unassuming when it was placed on our tables. small servings in a big plate. aw.

DSC_1318 DSC_1317

but oooohh... when we put the food in our mouths. yummmmmmm. jan's salpicao not only tasted good but was very tender too. the tartar sauce of my prawns made it taste better, even if it had too much batter. and our iced teas? reeeee-freshing. mmmmmmmmm.

when in puerto princesa, definitely kamaricutan is another good place to have a meal and to sample the artistry of the people of palawan.