ka lui: a puerto princesa dining experience

ka lui was our target restaurant the day we came back from sabang. our second try, we were 30 minutes early. we forgot that they opened at 6PM and that reservations were actually recommended. fortunately, we were already allowed in and there were still some available tables.


again, we were asked to remove our footwear upon entering the main restaurant. true enough, the best seats in the house had reserved signs placed on the tables.


fish-fascinated dave mckean would have loved the place with the different artworks revolving on the creature. from batik to ceramic plates to windchimes and japanese lights. while there were other subjects for the artwork, the fish ones were the most fascinating.

DSC_1103 DSC_1101 DSC_1098DSC_1094

other artwork and arts and crafts adorned the interiors of ka lui as well. fresh fruits also served as additional decor.
DSC_1095 DSC_1092

they had quite a selection of meals, especially seafood, to choose from. jan and i decided on their Ka Lui Special which was good for two people at only P375 (exclusive of vat and service charge). based on what was on their menu, it was actually value for money. we get have clam soup, lato (that seaweed that looks like grapes), stir-fried vegetables, fish cordon bleu, grilled tuna, garlic-buttered prawns and fresh fruits sprinkled with muscovado sugar. the food was great! the fish was definitely fresh and i particularly enjoyed the fish cordon bleu and prawns. the muscuvado sugar brought me (and jan) back to our childhood memories of the sugar. mmmmm... good and satisfying meal it was! and my avocado shake was delicious. mmmmm....

DSC_1106 DSC_1105DSC_1107 DSC_1109DSC_1110 DSC_1112 DSC_1104

what i was most fascinated with, however, was the bathroom. i actually went back there just to take photos because it was just so well-thought off and unique. the sink was made of hard wood shaped in your usual bowl. the floor was made of wood instead of tiles. the door had a small hole when vacant. once somebody uses it, the lock to the door would close the hole up to indicate it was occupied. the hand dryer was the most environmentally-friendly i have every seen, too. it was a loooooooooong strip of cloth the size of a paper towel. users can wipe their hands then just drag it down to the little bucket below, which means it can be just washed over and over. no trees hurt with that environmental-move. go, go, go, ka lui! save mother earth by looking classic and spiffy (if those two can actually go together. hehe!)

DSC_1116 DSC_1113 DSC_1115 DSC_1117

amazing, di ba? galeng-galeng!

among the three restaurants we ate in, ka lui is my favorite. not only was it a gastronomic feast, it was also a visual and sensual experience.


brownpau said...

These Puerto Princesa food posts are making me hungry! My family at Ka Lui last time we went to Tubbataha, and the clam soup is always a hit for me.

anj said...

hey, pau! :)

ain't the food great! and the fish are fresh, too. making it doubly delish. mmmm. hope to see when you are in manila. *cross fingers*

Toni said...

Hi Anj! This honeymoon is so you and Jan. Perfect talaga. I'm enjoying all your blog entries about it. :)

eric santillan said...


didn't even know you got married na pala.

congratulations anj and great to read (one of) your (many) blogs again! :-)

take care!

anj said...

toni: hehe! yeah, we had a lot of adventures during the honeymoon. haha. ang dami-dami ko pang kuwento about the places we went to! :)

eric: now that it's over, it's okay to spill the beans na. hehe. i'm hoping to stay with this one na talaga. *crossed-fingers* hehe.

Anonymous said...

uy! i've heard about this, but have never been. thank for another great tip!