this is the ateneo way

back in my early years of high school, i've always imagined myself studying in UP. maybe because my sister studied there. my bro studied in La Salle but it failed to leave a mark on me. but UP was UP. i wanted to be called "iskolar ng bayan." ateneo barely crossed my mind because i didn't know anyone from there nor did i have any idea about the school.

until two things happened.

one, a school recruitment talk given by rudy ang (i think). what struck me most was his talk about ateneo and arrows. the student was the line, God was the arrowhead pointing up and Ateneo was that connection between the two. my fifteen year old mind was simply blown away by the analogy. and it got me interested in the school.

two, i passed the ACET. the test was just so darn difficult that i told myself after the exam, "&#!+! if i pass this school, this is where i will study!" and i usually try to keep my promises. my parents did not try to talk me out of the ateneo, but they were encouraging (almost short of bribing) me to go to UP. my heart was set in the ateneo. if their exam was this hard, then they must take their students' education seriously. and i wanted the best kind of education for myself.

candice posts an article written by gus rodriguez about the ateneo -- an essay that appropriately describes how i feel about my beloved alma mater. ateneo over harvard or yale or cornell or princeton? yes. i would like to think so.