Launch of Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer

I have been wanting to get a copy of Elmer for almost a year now. I was able to find a copy in Comics Odyssey for P650 but I did not have that money at that time. During the Summer Komikon I was able to read a few pages of Elmer in the Komik Nook which got me more and more interested in the comic. Gerry Alanguilan announced in his blog a while back that there will be a mass release in paperback with National Bookstore.

It took several months since his announcement for NBS to release the comic but finally last October 15, there was a launch at their Best Sellers branch in Galleria. Jan and I attended the launch which was hosted by Jiggy Cruz.

I was happy with the turn-out since there were quite a few people present. It's always nice to see local arts being supported. What was more fun about it was Jan and I won a special edition Elmer shirt. Woot! I usually never win any thing in raffles. After the interview and the Q & A, there was some pica-pica served. Guess what it was. Chicken lollipops and Coca-Cola. Jake must want to claw our eyes out if he finds out. LOL.

My fingers are crossed that I win either the Trese iPad or the Elmer iPad. Because that would be more awesome than winning a shirt!