Toy Story 3

When I was a little kid, I only had a few toys. My favorite was a rag doll which my dad gave me and I would have brought it with me wherever I go whatever age I get if it did not disappear from me. I suspect my unsentimental mother dropped it in a donation box along with our old clothes. Sigh. I was not even asked my permission but I console myself with the thought it was making some other child happy.

I had a crazy belief that things came to life when my back was turned. Whenever I would go out of my room, I'd do a quick turn back and see if the toys would be caught moving. But they were faster than my own reflexes.

So it was great to have had a movie like Toy Story in 1995 to assure me that I was not the only person in the world who believed toys had their own lives apart from those times they are played with.

Toy Story 3, 15 years after the first one was released, tells the story of how the toys are coping with Andy finally leaving for college. Pixar does its magic again! They successfully closed the story of whimsical bunch of memorable characters leaving the audience with bittersweet feelings that most of us experience during crossroads in our lives.

TS3 is more Woody's story. His loyalty and love for Andy is limitless. But all the characters, no matter how short their lines or roles, make their indelible mark to the viewer. Buzz accidentally discovers a new side of himself which everyone would enjoy watching. Jessie's cynicism is understandable having experienced Emily. Bull's Eye is as loyal as Woody. The Potato Heads, are funny and lovable, individually or together. Mr. Potato Head goes into hilarious transitions, all for the family. T-Rex and Hamm and Slinky Dog continue to complement and enhance their toy family. Of course, the aliens fixated with the Claw. Hilarious! Even if you just met the new characters, you feel for them. Whether good or not so. Watch out for the Shakespearian Hedgehog and a cameo by Totoro (from Japanese animation).

It was a wonderful way to end Toy Story. The movie made me despair and eventually relieved. I was thinking during those scary moments, "how can they get through this?" while gripping Jan's hands tightly. And after that, you just have to give it to Woody to think of something to make things all right again.

I am still breathless from remembering the movie. I'm not sure if I can watch it some time soon. If I was just the only person in the cinema I would be sobbing. I don't know if I can deal with overwhelming emotions that TS3 coaxes out of its viewers so soon after.

Sigh. It is a beautiful movie. A must see for those who loved their toys like family. You can be assured that your toys loved you back too. :)