tsk, tsk, tsk

there was a time in most women's lives when will power was enough to keep the fat away from the waist and the thighs. then you turn 30, and somehow your body is wired to take into account every calorie you intake and successfully converts carbs into cellulite.

i have come to that point. argh.

from the time i graduated from college until i turned 30, which is a ten-years span, i gained about ten pounds and four inches. which is fine considering i was on the slim side back then. and then thirty struck. in a matter of two years, i gained two inches and ten pounds. what makes matters worse, i've been doing mostly desk work for the last three years compared to the miles and miles i walked during my five years of working in davao. i've become uninspired to exercise, with this heat and unfamiliar territory.

it becomes tough when you come to that age when you have enough buying power to get the food that you want. and what i want are often creamy or meaty or sweet or salty. not exactly the best food to help me stay lean.

and am i doing anything about it? no. i keep on eating. i hardly exercise.

my clothes of two years ago are telling me to do something about it. my flabby tummy has been spilling over my jeans. my sleeves have become too tight. i gained a bra size, except its not the cup.

and what do about it? why what every girl usually does! retail therapy. :P

i really have no point to this entry except to say that i feel fat and i am fat. do i feel bad about myself? not really. i'm actually craving for another serving of bicol express which i've loaded on the last three days.

told you there is no point to this entry.