think about your local governent too

I've been quite concerned for the past few days regarding the 2010 elections. Most of the information that we are getting are those in the national level. Followers of presidential candidates are doing a lot of hard sell. People are thinking hard of who to vote for this coming May. I, for one, have yet to decide for who to vote for. But one thing I have been bothered about the last few weeks is the local government level. I think we should work as hard educating our peers about local candidates especially those in Congress.

GMA is running for Congressman in Pampanga. This just goes to show how much she really lacks dignity or pride. Much worse, this goes to show how much she is addicted to power. I do not know who her opponent is but I heard that that person hardly stands a chance. Given how loyal Kapampangans are (for better or for worse), it is highly likely that we have not seen the last of this evil incarnate.

We know that she holds majority of the Congress in her hands. In a few months, we will be seeing her in the Congressional halls. I am certain that she will once again push for Charter Change. If majority of the people in Congress are loyal to her, then it is highly likely that she might just get what she wants after all.

So I really worry about this. Seriously worried. Thus I hope that people will be vigilant to campaign against those who have continuously supported GMA if we want to see a semblance of integrity return to our political system with her departure from Malacanang.