i need to get a job soon because

1. i want to buy books i like in a bookstore and not just stare at them longingly.
2. i want to eat snacks that are more than P40 without guilt.
3. i want to watch more movies. i want to watch zombieland again but it seems silly right now.
4. i want to go on weekend trips.
5. i want to buy a nice notebook. cattleya and king jim just don't cut it anymore.
6. i want to have my camera fixed. the auto-focus is not working anymore and i'm getting tired blurry pictures of myself.
7. i want to stop asking jan, 'libre mo ako' all the time. i want to actually say, 'libre kita!'
8. i want to be involved in something again. i want to have a purpose.
9. i like the fact that i can read books in a day but sometimes pacing makes stories more exciting.
10. i want, when the time comes, to be able to give the best to my child/ren and not worry too much.