I condemn the Ampatuan massacre

yesterday, 21 people were killed in Maguindanao. people were on their way to the COMELEC office to file a certificate of candidacy. they never made it. along the way, 40 were taken hostage and 21 of them found dead. the massacre is being blamed on Gov. Ampatuan, a new Maguidanao dynasty, but one not afraid to abuse its power.

I condemn these killings. I condemn any abuse of political power. I condemn the culture of impunity in the Philippines. I do not know what my condemning it can do. But I want my government to know about it. I want my people to know about it.


BabyPink said...

I've been wearing black the past days in condemnation of the massacre! I hope justice prevails. And, I pray that the victims will not die in vain.