to she who is the beacon of hope

it's been a while since i have lost blogged anything. things have been in busy frenzy and the time to sit down, reflect and write has been elusive.

but today, as the SONA is about to be said, i take time to pay tribute to our beloved President Cory Aquino who continues to battle her colon cancer in the Makati Medical Center. more and more parts of the metro are being festooned with yellow ribbons in honor of her. even the web has been adorned with it.

once, in my childhood, this yellow ribbon was a defiance to a tyrannical administration. now it is to show continued support to she who has been the beacon of hope, even after she has graciously turned over the presidency to her legitimate replacement.

i post this yellow ribbon in honor of her.
and i also post this yellow ribbon to be once again that symbol of defiance to a tyranny.

today will be a battle of wills. may the end of this day pave the way for hope for a frustrated country.