is it just me or did sylar just suddenly become hot?

dang those eyes! and when i finally did a heroes marathon of season 3... the dude was near naked in some scenes... yowzaaaah!

and so ends my study break.

i hope.


fortuitous faery said...

i LOOOOVE sylar! i've always noticed his hotness since season 1! haha.

did you know that he's starring in the new star trek movie as spock?

fortuitous faery said...

do you mind if i link to your blog? :)

anj said...

please do! when i have time to clean up my blog, i'd link you too. after the exams maybe. :)

yeah! spock. i think he is perfect for it. not too sure about kirk though.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks! i linked you!

good luck on your exams! :)