bigay-pugay kay Francis Magalona (a tribute to FrancisM)

i first discovered francis magalona in the movie 'bagets 2.' but in the movies, he did not shine as much as his contemporaries did.

it was only a few years after that he was rediscovred and finally found his niche in rap music. it was francis m that introduced filipino rap to the philippines. his debut rap/song, 'mga kababayan ko' (my countrymen) was a phenomenal hit. it was a fresh and new take for the pinoy audience. i loved the song, not just for its upbeat tempo and the fact that i can sing along with it (because i do not need to be in tune, and i can not for the life of me, be in tune)... but because it was a song of Filipino pride. at 12, having been brainwashed my Smokey Mountain (my first obsession in entertainment), FrancisM resonated my feelings of pride of being Pinoy.

FrancisM was the voice of my generation at that time. he spoke of love and identity and country. and he made us dance. and yes, he also sing songs sung by Bart Simpson! and i still feel it blasphemy to even compare him with andrew e. no waaaaay do you compare the REAL king of rap with someone who only talks about sex and toilet humor as well as delusions of grandeur when it comes to his face.

FrancisM IS the king of filipino rap. no other.

he did have his share of trouble with his drug use. but in the course of time, he went into rehabilitation and became a spokesperson against it. he picked up the pieces and made a comeback.

this cool, handsome chap became a music icon. and he used that to speak of issues and to promote nationalism. he has come up with his own brand of clothing called 'three stars and a sun' which is about wearing our national pride. he was also doing so well in photography, even winning awards and all that. so his artistry has expanded beyong just music and business.

today, i receive a message from tatit, telling me of his demise. my heart broke the second time this week. the last i heard about him was that he was responding well to his chemotherapy. and then this.

we have lost a great artist. one that has still so much to say, and so much to share.

FrancisM, you have gone too soon. Salamat sa pagiging isa sa mga inspirasyon ng aming henerasyon.