oh, yeah! $100 amazon gift check


i was finally able to claim $100 amazon gift check from igougo.com! after 14 journals and 43 reviews, i made it to 24,000 points. i could have actually claimed gift certificates when i reached 6,000 points which was worth $25 or the $50 (12,000 points). but why settle for less? and now i have $100. woohooo!

thanks to rowie for showing me this website.

what to buy? what to buy? (actually i know what to buy...)

time to work on another 24000 points again! :D


Ganns said...

Congrats, Anj!! :)

rowie said...

yay, so what are you going to buy? gaiman's batman? :)

anj said...

thanks, guys!

i was actually thinking of a camera bag and lens cleaner for my camera, but it wont deliver to eitehr netherlands or peens. so maybe i will just get a book. gaiman's batman isn't a bad idea! also thinking of his odd and the frost giant book as well as blueberry girl. heehee.

fortuitous faery said...

ooooh, interesting! thanks for sharing! i just signed up! hope i get to accumulate as much points as you! :)