back from holiday vacation

and now i have to cram 2 months readings into four days. nyahahaha!

but it was the best vacation i have had and i've been too many. thank you to our wonderful french hosts who made our stay so comfortable and enjoyable... as in overwhelmed with goodness talaga ang pakiramdam ko...

this is a quickie post and i intend to write a better ode to 2008 which has been a good year. but that will come after exams and my paper. (good luck na lang kung pano ko gagawin lahat yun sa nalalabing araw.)

sa ngayon, ninanamnam ko lang ang ligaya ng nakaraang sampung araw.

(jan ko... alam kong di ka matampuhin pero gusto ko pa ring sabihin that i wished you were there all the time. but of course, i still enjoyed so much. you would want me to, i know. )