tired. happy. excited.

tired. i have not had good sleep in the last two weeks. make that my entire stay in the netherlands, but the last two weeks were the worse. i have never studied this much for an exam, ever.

happy. working for something that never guarantees success has taught me that sometimes you just have to be happy with the process. and i think i have worked hard enough to learn and understand what was taughti n our classrooms. whatever grade i will get will never ever measure whatever knowledge i have been blessed with the last two months.

excited! off to prague tomorrow. i have always dreamed of traveling the world. crazy wanderlust. if only i can see every nook and cranny... well i can but i just can't afford it. and tomorrow, i get to go off to another adventure. yipeeee!!! dreams come true... little by little. but they do, they do.

aaaahh. i have a song in my heart. yipee. :D