meet spot

he's my new familiar which i coerced jan to give me so i can take him with me so i can practice my witchcraft to use while conjuring ideas for papers and such for school.

he's already had quite an adventure. he met jack (who i like as well) who was a fellow pinoy's familiar as well. they like the same color palette.


he also enjoyed the wonderful in-flight entertainment of klm. we were able to watch four movies and played several games, plus learned a few dutch words as well.


when we finally got to netherlands and was on board the train, i was finally able to take a picture of the two of us since we were wearing the same skin that day.


yes, i do have terrible eyebags. the in-flight enterntainment was too addicting that i did not get any sleep. and i only got 3 hours sleep for each night previous to my flight. so yeah... i've got panda eyes up to now. spot still has his nice brown beady eyes.

we didn't get to see a lot of windmills. just a couple on the way to leiden, but i didn't notice any more after that.

getting to kortenerkaede, the street of our school, was a chore. with 37 kgs of luggage to tow along, it was absolutely hellish. but we made it and the filipinos from the previous batch met us and fed us with adobo and sinigang sa miso. mmmmm.... anything would have tasted good as i was sooo hungry! even if the airplane food was delish. the last meal was too light.

finally, we were able to settle in our rooms. the school actually had welcome food packs for us. yey! because i was so thirsty. and it fed me for breakfast. or else i wouldn't have known where to get anyting to eat.


spot got to inspect the closet and the bed before he snoozed on me. hmph.

DSC_0289 DSC_0290


Em Dy said...

It's funny how you wore matching outfits!

anj said...

hehe! i didn't even notice that we were until the plane ride. pero nahiya naman ako to take photos of myself sa kasikipan ng seats. hehe!

fortuitous faery said...

really cute that you have matching outfits with your travel buddy! :)