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I was in Manila the entire week for our midyear reporting. By the third day, I was missing Jan terribly. Good thing I kept myself busy the days I was there in Manila.

July 13. Saw Ateneo vs. UE live at the ULTRA. Thanks to Bok and Erik for getting tickets for me. UE scared me, but woot! We won. Yeah. Bad calls by the referees for both sides though. Afterwards we ate at Jatujak in SM Megamall. It’s so gooooood!

July 14. Met up with Ninin and Mike and Ina. Lissa followed after. Krocodile Grill dinner. Yummy baked tahong!

July 15. Dinner with Bok and Rowie. Cheap dinner! Yummy dessert. Great conversation. I missed college. But it was great that each of us had good news to share.

July 16. Officemates time. I’m going to miss them. My resignation is effective August 15. Ack. Jobless. Hehe!

July 17. Met with Entadirs to watch The Dark Knight in support of Ces, whose med school was sponsoring the event. Artie treated me. Yey! Mon-Mon, one of my leading men in Mga Indios Bravos, was there! I have not seen him in ten years!

After the heavy movie, I was glad that I meeting Maita and several JVPs to watch Brownman Revival at 70’s Bistro. So fun! Norie, Zaza, Jerry, Maita and I danced to the reggae beat. Jay H. left early though and just missed Noel. Noel Cabangon came and sat with us while he had his beer. I promise to pass by Conspiracy before I go. We might see each other in October though. Woot!

July 19. Dinner and coffee with my bro. I didn’t sleep at his new home because it was still a mess. Besides I get a free ride to the office when I stayed with my in-laws. Hehe! It was unfortunate, though, that he spilled his large chai tea latte. Tsk, tsk. And it was still full. Bummer.

July 20. I wanted to go home early so Jan and I can watch the Ateneo vs. UP game. But he convinced me to just grab the opportunity to watch live. Sweet of my husband no? So I booked the 7PM flight to Davao and watched the 2PM game with Bok and Erik with Rhia, Dada, Mimi and May. I was also able to convince my UP officemates to cheer their team on. They watched from the other side, of course.

I was glad Jan convinced me to watch live because I had so much fun. We were seated where the Blue Babble were and that guy who was egging us to cheer was just hilarious. He reminded me of Robin Padilla. Funny dude talaga. Hehe!

I was excited to go home to Jan. I actually thought I wouldn’t make the flight. The in-laws were bringing me to the airport, but we were waiting for Papa’s new phone from smart. We left Galleria at 5:50PM and got there at 6:15. Whew! The check-in counter was still open but almost ready to close. By the time I entered the pre-departure area, it was ready for boarding already.

When I finally arrived in Davao and got my stuff. There was Jan waiting for me. Whee! We were supposed to have dinner but I was kinda full and he wasn’t that hungry either. So we decided to visit the Queen’s Land Baywalk to check it out. It was still under construction. We only stayed for a short while and went home already.

Back at home, I didn’t enter our room first. I went to have a drink and washed my hands and all that. As I was unceremoniously entering our room, I was surprised to see roses on our bed. I didn’t even linger to look and just hugged him tight smiling like crazy! After I let him go, I asked how many roses there were, he asked if I saw our symbol. Oops! I was too surprised and happy with the flowers that I didn’t see it formed ←O→.

Oh wow! This was well thought of! And we counted the flowers… it was 41 all in all. Buti na lang mura dito sa Davao. Hehe!

That’s my husband. He makes leaving terribly difficult and coming home such joy. :)


Thess said...

aww sweet hubby of yours....lovely roses!


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keiel said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.Ü mind if i link you?

lovely roses!Ü

Anonymous said...

WOW. thats it. just a uber huge WOW.

Toni said...

Awwwww so sweet!!!

"I wanna layyyy you down in a bed of roses...."

Kinanta ba ni Jan yan?

Dapat kinanta nya!