daluyon beach resort

while i was searching for things to do in sabang, i came across the website of daluyon beach resort. it immediately caught my interest since the place looked good. however, i couldn't bring myself to book because it is beyond our usual budget for accommodation. jan and i have been so used to our value-for-money-koboy-style of rooms, that spending such an amount for lodging seemed ridiculous.

however, while we were on our first or second day at sabang, i asked jan if we can splurge for one night. it is our honeymoon, after all. he was actually game with it. yey! before we finalized our stay, we checked out the rooms first. since we were paying so much for a room, we should be able to maximize our use of it. we have done all the exciting adventure things in sabang that we can just afford to hang out in the hotel.

the staff were quite friendly when we asked to be shown around the place. the front desk also allowed us for an early check-in at 9AM and late check out of 2PM since there weren't other guests during the day we were coming. cool! that clinched the sale. we booked an overnight stay for our last night in sabang.

the day of our booking, we brought our bags over to daluyon over at 9AM, then proceeded to have breakfast then a trip to the falls (another story). we got back to daluyon by 1PM. we hung out the porch for a bit. the view was beautiful.

unmisted camera phot

we spent most of the afternoon indoors, enjoying our soft bead with 440thread count sheets (we got a gift that looked exactly like those sheets that's why i know. tee-hee). of course, i wore one of the complementary bath robes which was soooo comfortable. jan loved it on me. i loved it on me.

comfy bed with 440 thread count sheets wash area towel and robe

since there was no cable installed yet, we just made use of the dvd player. we borrowed juno and knocked up (pregnancy movies. ack!). we also got our complimentary drinks of fresh and cold buco juice. mmmmm! ang sarap!

we got out into the sun by 5PM. we didn't have plans to swim anymore since we were already satisfied by our falls trip. jan and i decided to just sit down and relax by the beach. mimosa, the sabang dog (every resort knows here) and where white dog friend entertained us as they frolicked on the beach, jumping in and out of the water.

do you see the phoenixmimosa's friend spot the frolicking dogs

as the sun was setting, the scenery just simply called for pictures, so i went to get dixie and shot away. doing silhoutte shots was really fun.
fairy jan ang tv auditions bird man atlas
pa-cute sa dilim wheee! egyptian silhoutte

by the time the sun was gone, it was moon rise time. sabang had the most spectacular moonrise i have ever seen! and nicer still since it was a full moon that night. talk about a romantic getaway. :) i forced my non-dancer husband to dance to the music of the waves and the moon and the stars and the night. good thing we were the only people by the shore.

when the sky was high enough, we proceeded to have a good, expensive dinner by the pool. i forgot what we ordered, but i was fully satisfied and sated by it. of course, we had candles. :)

to the pool there's the moon dinner with the moon

the complimentary breakfast the next day was also delicious and quite filling. that was as good as brunch since we woke up at nine and took a quick dip before that. the rest of the morning, we did mostly nothing which is always great.

bee-yoo-tee-foool view of daluyon daluyonwheee! the space between is you

all-in-all, jan and i enjoyed our stay at the daluyon resort very much. their staff were very friendly and accommodating, their rooms were well-kept and clean and all the inclusive amenities for what we paid made it all the more worth-it.

so if you are planning to stay in sabang, puerto princesa and want to feel like kings and queens, we recommend daluyon beach resort. :)


Foomeister said...

hu-waw naman. ang galeng galeng ng honeymoon ninyo! and thanks for the tip on daluyon resort, word-of-mouth is always more reliable than websites. :)

Michael said...

That was a really good review of the resort! There's some good Daluyaon Beach Resort packages out there if you know where to find them!